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As Eric (Chad White) steps out of a car, he marvels over the warmth of the sun on his face for what feels like the first time in forever. Everything about the day makes him feel so as he stands before Tanya (Casey Calvert)'s house. He's impressed by her home and how well she's done for herself... because of HIS sacrifice. Eric's over the moon when his step- greets him, although he doesn't seem to notice that she's not as excited as he is. As they catch up, it becomes more and more apparent that Tanya doesn't want him around, which crushes Eric. How could he get anything less than a hero's welcome home after everything he for her?? Tanya insists that he makes her uncomfortable... that jail him. Of it changed him, does she think being incarcerated is a walk in the park? But the more they argue, the more he feels Tanya slipping away from him.
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