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If you so desire, we invite you to read into what you see and to consider the subtext of what we produce. There are so many things to consider – viewership, the voyeur and the exhibitionist, female sexual autonomy, the aesthetic value of sexuality, and whatever else presents itself to you. We invite you to engage your fantasies, to partake in ours, and to watch hers in action. To actually look at the individual experiences of each unique and beautiful contributor and to share with her a deeply erotic moment.
You get to choose which part or parts of the IFM experience you want to partake in. No matter which ones you’re into, we welcome you to come share your thoughts in the Forums, which is one of the features of IFM that lifts it above the standard virtual sexual discourse. Intelligent and lively discussion about sex is what keeps us excited about what we do. We’ve made something that we love and we’re sharing it with you, and we’re proud of what we present and the level of integrity with which we work, every day.
So, come and explore all that’s available to you on IFM. You’ve found something quite unique and there’s really no time like the present to indulge. I’ll be around if you feel like talking about it later.

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