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Joaquin is half Native American (Cherokee) and is obviously interested in fitness.
He just turned 30 and is an amazing shape. He has a steady girl, and she is a fitness model too. He has done nudes with photographers, and is very natural in front of the camera. I waited as long as I could to get his pubes back, but I think it will be hard to keep the razor out of his hands.
Not only does he have a hot body, but that cock, geeez! It is long and thick and perfectly straight. And it was always hard! Easily one of the quickest photo shoots and solos I have shot. He loves being in front of the camera, and his cock really liked to be filmed. He had to stop a couple times during the solo or risk nutting too soon.
This is one hot dude who is confident and not cocky, and he for sure will be back next week for a hot massage!
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