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What sexy pets we have here!
You?ll be sorely disappointed in me when I tell you that I?m not certain of any of these models names except Manato?I Know I?m slipping.
Anywho, first scene is pretty cute, he sucks some cream off a banana, then the Anon puts the cream on his cock and has him lick it off, for me, all I can think is how sticky that must be.
Scene 2 is a cheeky little kitten who?s a sour because he was left home alone. We get to see him play with some cat toys, and even get a bit of discipline for nipping his owners hand. Hes a cutie, and hairy too.
Scene 3 Is my favorite here, we start with a boy kitten home alone, trying to keep himself busy until his master gets home. When his master finally arrives he has a new friend ?but it?s a puppy! Lol its too funny really, the sex is pretty normal and not much ?animalistic? about it aside from the collars, I just really like the intro.
Last Scene is with Manato. Manato?s ass is amazing! It is pure perfection! Seeing Manato act in this scene is nice, he?s come a long way from his awkward armature days. You do see Manato take a piss here, so keep that in mind, otherwise it?s a pretty standard scene. (not sure what?s up with his crazy hair though! Lol)
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