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While the language of love shown to the general sexual behavior, more about the language lyubvipokazyvaet minority group, the attitude toward sex. As in the first film, there's an expert panel of scientist, discussing and explaining the different parts of the movie. The famous Danish sexologist couple Inge Hegeler and walls around the leading characters, while other experts in each sector changes. The headings are: male and female homosexuality, aesthetics and sex, handicapped and sex, drugs and sex, pornography and sex, and sex, and sex with older men. In the new film, and the suffering of heat is emphasized, in particular, the chapter shows the intercourse between persons of the same sex. In addition, when a blind girl and a boy to test their hands as nude man and woman respectively are made, the new method of teaching, initiated by the world-famous, Swedish sex pedagogue Maj-Britt Bergstroem-Walan. 's natural need for masturbating in an unsafe world said, and the old people, the right to a happy sex life is manifested. Pornography is part of a report exposing the sex club in Copenhagen, where the fascinating "live-Show" will be strengthened, and a description of how pornographic films reflecting group sex performed. Drugs and sex sequences shocking record of all human variation and the importance of tenderness, is the final chapter, presenting, blond and very attractive young girl and her dark, curly hair bride during a passionate and diverse sexual intercourse....
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