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Release Year: 2018
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“I wanna see a fucking smile!” Jared demands as he simultaneously rides Liam’s cock and whips his abs. Liam is humiliated and helpless, unable to do anything but lie their spread-eagled on the torture table, a fuck toy for the man dominating him. Jared is fucking the stud with his asshole, proving there are more ways to make a man to be your sex slave than fucking his mouth or hole: You can use his rock-hard cock for your pleasure, too - and make him pretend to enjoy it. After a while, Jared puts down the whip and instead works his cock while riding Liam’s cock, until he pumps out a massive load of cum all over Liam’s abs, then continues to fuck himself with Liam’s cock long after he cums. “Smile!” Jared demands, lifting himself of the boy’s cock and shoving his still-hard cock into Liam’s mouth. “Clean it off!” Jared demands, whipping his slave’s abs. Then Jared shocks Liam instinctive with the cattle prod - or so he thinks. You are in for a little bit of a surprise ending.
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