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The mission home is the heart and the brain of the Mormon missionary operation. The mission president lives here, and all of the young missionaries pass through the home when they get a new companion or transfer from serving in one area in the mission to another.
It’s also where many of the secret, sexual rituals of the Order take place, but only a handful of the best looking missionaries will ever know it.
Elder Lindsay and Elder Ricci have each been through the mission home several times, but neither of them has a clue that the mission president uses the home first to select worthy young men and then to initiate them into.
They have no clue that such an organization exists, and they feel as though they have to keep secret their many violations of the strict codes of sexual conduct given to missionaries. But the mission president knows all about their transgressions, and that is why he has asked the boys to come spend a few days in the mission home.
On their first day in the home, both missionaries are thrilled not to be doing their usual drudgery, going door to door in the heat and facing strangers’ hostility. Instead, they’re lounging around the home with nothing to do while the president is traveling back from a zone conference, and the president’s wife is away from the mission attending to a family matter.
Of course, having all this free time makes both of them very horny. Elder Ricci is reading his scriptures in the common room, trying not to think about his companion’s tight, smooth hole. But his mind keeps wandering, and he’s more than a little afraid that he might get an erection.
Elder Lindsay, meanwhile, is fantasizing about his companion’s giant dick, and how good it would feel to have that dick inside of him. He waits around in the bedroom, thinking that eventually Elder Ricci will get horny and come find him.
When he doesn’t, Elder Lindsay decides to take the initiative, whatever the risk.
He finds Ricci in the other room, dutifully reading his scriptures. The sight of the other boy’s toned body, and the big bulge showing through his sheer Mormon underwear, gets Lindsay immediately hard. He sits down opposite Ricci and slowly, deliberately takes off all of his clothes.
Ricci watches, a disapproving look on his face, but says nothing. He knows what Lindsay is up to, but he’s terrified that someone will catch them.
Once Elder Lindsay is down to his underwear, and Ricci has an erection, he knows that he won’t be able to resist Elder Lindsay’s advances, and that in a few seconds the other boy will wrap his lips around his cock and beg to be fucked, right here, where anyone could catch them…
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