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Studio: Ike Adams Video
Scene 1: Daddy's Stress Relief
Daddy Jasper and his boy, Les, have found themselves in a financial dilemma. They aren't going to be able to pay the rent and need to find a way to pay. Daddy is stressed and looking for the stress relief that his well-trained boy Les is always willing to provide.
Scene 2: Pay Up or Put Out
Daddy Ike is collecting the rent. After a short conversation, the two daddies decide that it is time for the boy to learn the cold, hard lesson of paying his way. Daddy Ike tells Les that he needs to pay his part of the rent. Young Les, the willing participant, finds out that a young tight butt is a negotiable instrument. He rides Daddy Ike's cock like he is riding a horse! This boy knows how to pay the rent! Ike tells Daddy Jasper that the boy has paid half of the remaining rent due and that he will be back later to collect the rest.
Scene 3: Paid In Full
Daddy Ike is back to collect the rest of the rent. Young Les is not at home so Ike tells Jasper that he can pay the rest. These two Daddies are playing hard when Ike spots young Les spying on the action. He tells Les to take care of both of them. This boy is insatiable! Daddy Ike and Daddy Jasper tag team Les' sweet young, tight butt and hot mouth. If you like Daddy action, you'll be pleased with this scene.
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