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Release Year: 2019
Cast: Mandy
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The supercute teen Mandy continues her playful shoot, on the bed, with all her clothes around her; trying on several sexy outfits for our pleasure. Posing and teasing, she eventually comes to a schoolgirl outfit; putting her hair in a ponytail, she shows off the thick cucumber she's about to use. With her legs up and slowly slipping that thick phallic object inside her, she makes the cucumber nearly dissapear, but it does stretch her wide! She gapes for us showing how much it stretched her. The pressure makes her want to pee... In her cutest outfit, a Hawaiian-style dress, she visits a popular tourist area, and parades around modeling for us, showing off those sexy long legs. The wind is blowing hard, and her skirt keeps pushing up... She has fun with twirls, cartwheels and some ice cream before going home to try anal play for the first time in her life. Using a glass toy, she penetrates herself in the butt, as we see it up close. Then she uses the Vibraking toy, which brings her to her third orgasm of the day, and some more strong contractions! Cooling down in the pool, we get to enjoy her sexy firm butt one last time. Have fun watching this charismatic teen, she was a lot of fun to shoot!
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