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Here at CF we’ve come to know Marc as a sexual chameleon, just as capable of being rough and dominant as he is at being submissive and sensual. In this scene he shows off his sensual side as he lets our Coed Tiffany take him for a ride.
He holds the camera as she uses that big thick dick of his to fill herself deep, letting her take the reins for a while before flipping on his stud switch- turning her over to fuck her doggy style. Switching the tempo to drive his sexy partner wild. She cries out in ecstasy as he drives himself in as far as he can go.
Marc’s abs flex and muscles bulge as he gives Tiffany the sex she’s dreamed of. When he’s ready to cum, he delivers a giant load and then smiles down at his messy accomplishment that’s splayed all over her chest while stroking his still rock hard cock!

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