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Release Year: 2020
Welcome to Milky Town. Yesterday, you were just another young man about to start your first day at a private university. However, today everything is about to change. Your future during this new school year will be embroiled in sneaky plots and surprising twists around both the university and the town itself. Fortunately, just about all of these events will include a number of bodacious women that you’ll have a chance to ‘work closely’ during your adventure.
Changelog Chapter 15.5:
- Like we’ve discussed before, this month’s update is tiny cuz the artist went on an In-House vacation. But we still managed to get one short scene done before the artist went on such vacation and here you go;
- Claudia and Riley’s new Voice lines are implemented in Ch 15.5. Strongly recommend you to check them out! VAs have done a fabulous job;
- BGM for the Octavia scene’s still WIP;
- If we are lucky, we will be able to put Riley’s voiced lines into the Official release;
- There are two scenes in Alpha, both happen on day 14 and it’s not hard to trigger;
- Just make sure you say Yes on day 11 when Riley asks you to come to the concert.
Gallery Unlock:
- Kuma!!!
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Release Date: 4 September 2020
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Milf, Masturbation, Voyeurism
Version: Chapter 15.5 + Guide
Censorship: No
Language: English
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