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Today I've brought back a new favorite of the people! Anders! This bisexual stud has quite an interesting life to live! Physically he's everything the doctor ordered for me and for a lot of you out there so today I've managed to convince him, with a little movie of course, to not only lick my ass but bend me over and properly fuck my ass on top of it! This is one of Anders' best scenes to date!
Anders is a quiet fellow. Mild mannered and has a very conservative look and demeanor. I always welcome this blue eyed cutie to my home and today was no different. We made our way to the living room where we filled out some paper work and soon enough were taking photos in the studio. I could hardly wait to get this boy naked downstairs and before long I was firing up the cameras and ready to get started.
Anders was in rare form today because it didn't take much to get this boy worked up and rock hard. Before long I had this boy sporting a healthy sized 8 inch uncut sausage that Anders seemed pretty proud of. I, of course, wasted no time getting my mouth on that puppy and soon I was sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. I really worked Anders cock and he is a vocal kind of a guy so he would encourage me as we went along.
The cock sucking made its way to ass fucking and soon I was straddling Anders and riding his cock in many different positions which was breaking down Anders little by little. Its my strategy! When I mounted him cowboy forwards, Anders really drove his cock deep up my ass! He was relentless and his cock accommodated him the whole way.
I finally let him do his work in the doggie style positions and I was impressed by his style. I could see that this boy has fucked an ass before and knew exactly the way to handle an ass so that the job gets done. In the end I had to mount this puppy side saddle and my ass was too much for Anders and he finally gave him to the tight ass and delivered a load that looked like it might have even hurt! Anders best!
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