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The large, latex clad submissive had his arms fastened behind him and Mistress Crystal sucked his cock to full attention and then told him to walk like a sexy woman for Her. She placed a book on his head and made him walk some more until the book fell and he was chatized. She kept his cock hard with Her oral minstrations and then inserted a butt plug in Her slave to see how his walk would be improved. Shedding Her dress She teased him more orally.
Mistress Crystal squatted and Her mouth made sure slave kat’s cock was at full attention. She slid a pad under his cock and strapped it down with black tape so the head was sticking out for Her to use. She cropped it and rode the cock head with Her pussy until he was crying in frustration. On the bed now, he serviced Her asshole until it was tongued clean. Her big submissive presented his ass to Her and She removed his butt plug and filled his ass with the first of three dildos.
Having plunged the first cock in and further loosened his ass, Mistress Crystal replaced it with a longer one and made him take it deeper and deeper. She inserted a finger along with the cock into his ass and made him fuck himself, stretching his hole. With his hole stretched even further, She decided it was time for the fat, thick cock with rubber balls and began to fuck him with the final dildo
Mistress Crystal fastened the portable stock to slave kat and ordered him to his knees on the bed. Having had Her oral tease and four dildos inserted into his ass had made his cock stiff and dripping and Mistress Crystal took full advantage, backing into him until he was lodged fully in Her pussy hole. He moaned and fucked Her as ordered. She turned and used his cock while on Her back and then put him down fastened to the bed frame and had him lick Her pussy clean of juices. She sucked him to full hardness and then straddled him and posted up and down on his huge cock.
Mistress Crystal posted up and down as She straddled kat’s long thick cock. She could tell he was getting close to orgasm and wanted to slow him down. Turning, She applied the violet wand to his balls as She kept his cock buried deep in Her pussy. Turning to face him She told him She wanted to take his cum with Her pussy and fucked him until he his load. She dismounted and pulled the condom out to inspect it. She saw a huge load in the condom and was pleased. She inserted the round O ring gag into his mouth and poured the semen She had extracted with Her pussy down his throat.

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