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Release Year: 2019
Cast: Monique Alexander
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Lucas is not doing well at college, all he cares about is his video games, his parents can't find a way to motivate him to study, but there is an idea what if Lucas's step-mom satisfy him sexually? So they approach Lucas and mom starts taking her clothes off next to him, at first he didn't realize but after a while tired of his parents nagging he looks at his mom and wow he gets shocked, she is offering herself, for him to enjoy, Lucas starts fingering her pussy then he eats it, when he was ready to pound her, his interrupts them, this is only a tease so he gets motivated to graduate, if he does then he will fuck his mom. Obviously, Lucas graduated and wanted his reward, so mom decides she will have sex with Lucas and his at the same time, they do not wait, she started sucking both cocks then she was pounded in many positions first by Lucas then by his , the kept rotating her until she made them deliver their cum all over her face.
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