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Release Year: 2010
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Landon Conrad, Adam Killian, Aden Jaric, Derrek Diamond, Gianni Luca, Jordan Jaric, Ludovic Canot, Luke Marcum, Ryan Wade, Trent Davis
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Hunks, Rimming, Cumshot, Big Dick, Group
"Morning wood or morning glory. The question is... how will you work it off? Waking up with a rock hard erection, you know you're gonna start the day with a full tank. You're all juiced-up with plenty in the bank and you have the entire day ahead to spend it! Morning wood is a sure-tell sign that good things are gonna happen!
The alarm blasts 7am rousting Landon Conrad out of bed. He readies himself for work. First a shave, then a shower before he gets dressed. Boyfriend Ludovic Canot is movin' a bit slower but finally hits the shower. Landon pokes his head in for a goodbye kiss, but the smooches trigger an urgent passion. He is pulled fully clothed into the shower, still lip-locked with Ludovic, and then sheds his wet clothes so his lover can suck his cock. The action progresses and Landon goes down on Ludovic. Next he begins rimming his asshole, teasing it with a series of licks and tongue jabs before he starts to screw it fiercely. In and out of the shower, from behind, sitting atop, balanced precariously against the counter, the two men fuck . Landon's pole slides in and out of Ludovic's ass like a well-oiled piston until he pulls out and showers his partner with his warm jism. Ludovic whacks his meat and finally gets his rocks off, spritzing all over the tile floor.
head hanging over the side of the bed, Jordan starts to face fuck him.
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Audio: 125kbps

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