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Tinkerbell had indulged herself too much over Christmas and the Master noticed her swollen belly. To deal with this act of gluttony, he called upon the services of Mistress Kelly.
Tinkerbell was lucky to find a hard working builder, willing to come and do a proper job. But Tinky had her eye on this fit young man and she went about using her powers of seduction to get him to do some 'extra jobs' for her. She soon had him working hard on her body and he used his skilful hands to satisfy her sexual desires. He used various power tools with special attachments, to blast her pussy and asshole until they could take no more. This turned out to be one of his biggest jobs yet!.... Read the full story inside
A long time ago in jolly olde England, there was a sweet young Maiden. Who was fair and tender as a flower, with hair flowing like a golden fleece. But such beauty was also to be her downfall, as any scoundrel with bad intentions would prey upon the likes of her. One day it be said, that she was whipped-away and locked in the Tower of the evil Dark Knight. But she was soon to be gallantly rescued, by the daring and dashing young Knobin Hood. But unfortunately, his bollocks were full and he.... Read the full story inside

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