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Neither Pierce Hartman nor Duncan Black are particularly thrilled about their parents marrying. Bothare finding that the arrangement cramping their styles. For Pierce, it's hard enough just trying to find a quiet place to jerk off anymore. So when the parents take off for the day, Pierce decides to take advantage with a little quality personal time. But Duncan catches him as he's heading out, and senses that his is up to something, so as Pierce creeps around the corner to find some privacy, Duncan lurks not too far behind, stealing a view of Pierce as he whips out his giant cock and begins thumbing through the pages of his mag. Duncan pulls out his cock and he's rock hard just watching, stroking it as he imagines what it would be like to sit on Pierce's chubby.
Consumed by his desire, Duncan throws caution to the wind, and creeps up on Pierce as he strokes away, eyes closed. Duncan reaches out and grabs Pierce's cock, who is immediately startled and initially freaked out by the whole scene, but
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