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Release Year: 2016
Studio: AbbyWinters
Cast: Billie T
Genres: Solo, Nude, Feet, Redux, Hairy, Amateurs
Video language: English
Billie's foot rests on the banister rail, her fingers reaching between the curls of her pubic hair towards her intimate lips.
Gently her fingers ease open her labia, the soft pink of her outer lips giving way to the brighter pink of her vulva and the moist pleasures found within.
Billie climbs down the stairs, her shirt swinging open. Her bra peeps from behind the pile of boxes she is carrying and as she rests mid way down,
we can see the soft curve of her bosom rising up out of the turquoise brassiere.
Wiggling from her jeans, Billie crawls back up the stairs, smiling provocatively over her shoulder as she displays her bottom proudly in purple underwear.
Sitting on the step, we are teased with the promise of what lies below her transparent panties,
her finger reaching to lift the fabric, hair spilling out at the crotch.
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Duration: 28:21
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