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The light, almost white, accentuates my pale skin and brings out my red lips, fiery hair and blue green eyes, piercing into you as you slide your cock in my mouth. I love when you're on top of me like this. It's a different way to connect with you. The dynamic shifts, the skill set transfers and my mouth gives you different sensations. A blowjob on my back as you play with my breasts, I stroke your cock and watch the way you throb for me. We smile at each other, embracing this slow tease. It feels so good, I just need you back in my mouth. Giving you a slow, loving, passionate blowjob is the best thing in the world. I couldn't ask for anything more erotic or beautiful. Feeling you thrust your hard cock into my mouth, I'm by the rhythm, enraptured by the deep sensuality of your every move. My tongue reaches out to context with your frenulum, and you're mine. Slowly, we progress, taking turns stroking you as my mouth lavishes love and connection all over your cock. Finally, you explode, shooting cum into my mouth and all over my chin, my cheeks, my lips... I rub it in, teasing myself with your beautiful sticky mess all over my face. The creamy cum fades right into my pale skin in an erotic completion of a beautiful blowjob.
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