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Studio: Latino Fan Club
Even having been a fan of Latino Fan Club for some time, I approached this one with a little trepidation.
Premise is simple: Janiero (spelled Janeiro on the film) plays title character Ruben Perez, who spends most of his time in his NYC Spanish Harlem office trying to keep his kids on the right track. And oh yeah - getting some serious cock to boot. Now, Janiero normally ain't really my type; he's a little too queenie when speaking for my tastes, and his facial hair always seems to morph with each film he's in.
Well fuck that notion here my friends - with this 'performance' he vaults to the top of the short list of one of the best on-camera deep-throaters ever. The rest of the flick rocks, too. Almost exclusively all-oral (save for the final ferocious fuck), every papi here pops - big time.
Now it's not like LFC just rewrote War and Peace or anything. The production design is still pretty bare-bones (although this was shot in an actual office, and the set design is hilariously accurate - look for the Darryl Strawberry wanted poster) and the camerawork is kept to a minimum. But, the sex here was eye-poppingly good (even the one 'lame' scene worked). The four star rating is really simply because director Brennan and Co. took the time to do it right. Oh, and for Alejandro's dimples, too. It's only porn, yeah, yeah... but this is easily one of the studio's best ever.
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