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Sultry raven haired Luna Dawn lies sleeping on the couch completely unaware of the stalker peeping at her through the window. Watching her gets his cock hard and he rubs it before prying open the window and entering the room. He tip toes up to the sleeping beauty and hand over mouths her to silence a scream as he grinds his cock on her body. I hear the commotion in the room and burst in "hands up" boy!! We Chester Duncan onto his knees and begin to tie him up. I grab a handful of hair and pull him up to his feet so we can bind his wrists to his sides. Luna ties his ankles while I tie his knees and we push the perverted guy next to the couch. Luna and I sit down and rest our feet on his bound body. Next Luna her toes into Chester's mouth then runs her bare foot over his tongue back and forth. I look down at my tiny little feet and decide I can shove my entire foot into his bitch mouth. Luna holds his head still with her foot and I mercilessly face fuck him with my foot thrusting it deeply into his mouth as he chokes and struggles. Next I put his nose in between my toes completely closing off his air. We double team the kinky bastard taking turns our toes and feet into his mouth. Chester chokes and gags on our feet. We him to watch the abuse then make him apologize for being nothing but a loser stalker. We leave him bound on the floor while we wait for all of our friends to come to our foot party.
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