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Straight Essex lads Ben & Jaden are a joking fun-loving couple of friends, but even we are pushing their boundaries on this shoot - they both look great - lean, and athletic. Ben is blond and has a great six pack, Jaden is taller and darker haired with a couple of tattoos. They happen to be next to each other on the bed just in boxers, so imagine their surprise when naughty Chris wanders in and suggests a threesome! Chris is always up for a bit of fun, and today he has the job of teaching these lads how to have man-on-man fun! Chris is soon delving in the guys boxers, and we have three-way wanking, then they start exploring each other's bums! Both Ben and Chris get it up them, the lads learn quickly, and we even have a great moment when Jaden is fucking Chris, who is fucking Ben. Chris gets Jaden's load over him, before shooting himself, and then Ben shoots over himself.
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