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The handsome college student, Brett, fights off some nerves and excitement while he’s sitting on Pete’s couch. The dark haired and light-eyed runner shares that he loves to be submissive and when he describes his ideal guy- dominant, a bit rough, and with that incredibly sexy V that so many of us fantasize about. Lucky for him we have just the guy at our disposal to help him calm his nerves in the most satisfying way!
Listening to his interview, Quinn is planning on making Brett’s introduction memorable. Brett loves to bottom so Quinn spends a good amount of time giving ass the attention it deserves, to which Brett is grateful! He’s blown away by how talented Quinn is and it is clear on his face and in his moans.
Quinn slaps Brett’s ass red and swallows his impressive cock down to the balls. Brett thrusts into his mouth and it’s when he’s deep in Quinn’s throat that he moans out that he’s going to cum- which he feeds directly into Quinn’s hungry and waiting mouth!

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