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Release Year: 2010
Studio: Treasure Island Media
"What I'm doing is real sex -- no scenarios, no studio bullshit. These are guys I've met on the street, online, at the gym. Just the thought of showing off their bodies, their asses, their dicks makes them hard. They're hung stallions who want nothing but to fuck on camera." -- Eric from Paris
In the opening scene, Eric sets himself up for an anonymous gangbang, waiting sprawled out and ass-up on the bed. One by one, three super-hot topmen in nothing but latex masks come through the door to join in the frenzy of fucking and sucking, swapping spit and cum, deepfucking ERIC's ass and throat. The scene turns into a true orgy as the masked studs take pleasure in rimming and sucking off each other, leaving no hole unfilled and no cock untended.
In the end, though, Eric and his used, puckered asshole take center stage again, practically begging for another spurt of white-hot manjuice with each throbbing palpitation.
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