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Take six horny dudes out on the road. Turn them loose and watch what happens. Road Trip Vol. 4 is more than just a journey down to Big Sur. It's a sexual tsunami on the California coast where unabashed and unrelenting cocksucking, assmunching and fucking climax with ial splashes of cum.
1. With the toss of a coin, dynamo JT Ross and Shane Frost gamble on which ones gonna bottom. Shane loses but it doesnt look like hes complaining as he gobbles up JTs thick cock, rims his hairy hole and then submits his twitching ass for a rugged fucking that leaves him shuddering with pleasure.
2. Its no big surprise finding Zane Jacobs and Shawn Romano already going at it even before we get to the bedroom. These two tigers are so hot and horny all we can do is sit back and watch as they tear into each other sucking cock, eating ass, dildo play and fuck before they both shoot their loads.
3. Shane Frost, Marcus Adams, Danny Arnez, and Zane Jacobs hook up to get down and dirty. Lubricated with lots of , the horny quartet strips down to suck, rim and just fuck the hell out of each other, especially Shane who gets it from both ends before his three buddies cum in his mouth.
4. Danny Arnez whips his dick out for Marcus Adams to suck. The fire is raging and so are the guys as they switch it around and Danny takes on Marcus . Fierce cocksucking leads to intense assmunching and ends with them jacking off until they blast each other with their hot mancream.
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