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In any case, this update includes two videos. The first video is titled 'Rubber Encasement' and has two parts. The first part features our friend SFdom (Recon) and his friend in a StudioGum rubber sleepsack. SFdom covers his eyes with medical eye bandages and then fits him with an ansthesia mask which is connected to a hospital ventilator. During this scene you can hear him fight the ventilator's constant and rythemic air supply as the machine him to inhale and exhale at the machine's speed. Since this gimp is strapped down there is little he can do to resist the machine's rythem so he is to comply with it's pace. The game is taken a notch higher as SFdom strokes him with a vibrator. This presents a problem because as the gimp gets more excited his breathing rate increases and conflicts with the machine's rythem. None the less, the gimp manages to get off in an unexpected explosion, Lucky he was covered in rubber!
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