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A pretty Asian woman is interrupted by a total pervert. She’s immediately disgusted at the sight of the guy stroking his cock while looking up her skirt. But she quickly uses it as an opportunity to get some revenge and have fun, standing up and approaching him to kick him in the nuts with her high-heeled feet. The leggy babe laughs at the guy and continues to catch him off-guard with additional kicks, her heeled shoes connecting directly with his sore nuts. She begins to realize just how much fun this can be, growing more creative. She slaps his cock and balls, kicks them barefoot, and even punches them with her fists. So turned on, she starts rubbing her pussy at the sight of him groaning in pain. He thinks his luck has changed when she gets between his legs to give his pathetic little cock a blowjob, but even that pleasure is short-lived since she bites and chews and gnaws on his dick with her teeth. After finishing him off with a rough handjob, she decides to do something especially mean to ensure he doesn’t perv around her again…
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