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Release Year: 2015
Genres: Adult Animation, PC games original animation
Video language: Japanese
Elect lip original PC game masters Hayakawa Naomi faithful reproduction!
Educational guidance to the failure of the stigma carved girl! A number of challenges to reach a saint - offering to!
"I because not or lose to something absolute Ji port!"
Mali is a saint of the school had been caressing the body from and saints.
On the other hand, Shoko bad girl, was fighting with the saints in the courtyard. Mali in the meantime is naked, I is allowed to masturbation in front of the and the saints.
Mali to seek help in Shoko. That it will touch the of anger
When Shoko rushed, Mali had has changed to a different person like.
And rely on the handgun that was passed to the in his own temple, Shoko will not be able to resistance against Mali which themselves were in hostage
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Duration: 27:15
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