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Studio: IFS Heart Of Europe
Cast: Lukas Roubicek, Honza, Robert Toth, Marcel Manigati, Rastislav Balaz, David Anderovsky, Ivan Krabec, Michal Kutra, Petr Vicko
Genres: Anal, Athletes, Eastern European, Feature, Masturbation, Nipple Play, Oral, Rimming, Uncut, White
'You'll find that if you want to make time fly by on long trips, seasoned travelers always dream about sex whenever they can. First, three friends (Rastislav Balaz, Michal Kutra and Marcel Manigati) take a car trip to the big city and begin the long journey by throwing back a few stiff ones for the road. They each cruise Honza, their very hunky leather and Levi's-clad bartender, but he delays his gratification with a bit of solo action in the back room on his wank break. Honza gets a full head of steam by fantasizing about Rastislav rimming and topping Marcel in their hotel bed. Next, Marcel makes a cell phone call from the car to his friend Lukas Roubicek. Lukas confirms he's still dating Robert Toth, then Marcel gets another call and must take it. When the call breaks up, Marcel shrugs it off as the rocking of the car induces a cat nap to dream about Lukas topping Robert in their sacred lover's bed. Rastislav has also fallen asleep in the comfort of the back seat while Michal continues to take the wheel and dreams about two strangers (Ivan Krabec and Petr Vicko) having sex. Ivan and Petr exchange blow jobs, then Petr bottoms for Ivan on a handy barstool. Finally, the three friends get thirsty again and make another pit stop where Michal Kutra makes a pass for yet another bartender, David Anderovsky. Michal is rewarded for doing all the driving on this trip when David tops Michal on the steps of the basement storage room.'

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