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This is a fun video featuring our two favorite bondage guys Mikey and Tony. We have had many good times with these two guys, and since they moved to Seattle we really miss them a lot. While they were living in San Francisco they visited us on a regular bassis and played with a wide variety of bondage gear and scenarios. They are a great couple and really love each other, which shows in their videos. In this two-part video Mikey is restrained to the wall in a amber latex hood and shirt, metal yoke from Mr S, and leather boots. The cool part of this scene is the metal yoke which is suspended from overhead. The feeling of being trapped in this yoke attached by chains to an overhead attachment point is very exciting. Finally one of Mikey's ankles is shackled and attached overhead to stop him from closing his legs. This is even more hot as he is completely helpless and vulnerable, yet completely comfortable. The thick rubber amber shirt and hood take the scene over the top. Poor Mikey is exactly where he wants to be.
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