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Release Year: 2008
Studio: Raging Stallion
In a small red brick flat in Germany, Phillip (Raging Stallion Exclusive Logan McCree) is quickly packing for his trip to Vancouver to see his new boyfriend (he mixed up the dates of his arrival). Making sure he has everything he stops to write a quick e-mail to the crush, hoping he has lots of condoms and lube. He grabs the last few items and is out the door and on a plane to Canada. Meanwhile, at the new boyfriend’s apartment, RJ Danvers is rushing quickly to release his latest trick’s (Luke Hass) cock from his pants. RJ takes Luke’s thick cock in his mouth, deep-throating his engorged member. Luke then moves RJ to the bed and rims his hairy ass before he pounds his eager hole. Luke pounds away in many positions before RJ explodes all over his own hairy stomach. Luke quickly finishes unloading his man juice on RJ before collapsing into a passionate kiss.
Logan, unaware of his boyfriend’s infidelities, arrives at RJ’s apartment with flowers in hand. Quickly he discovers the truth and he explodes in rage, hurling the flowers at the pair. An argument ensues and Logan flees the apartment, taking his camping gear. He walks the streets of Vancouver, his mind reeling with what has just happened. He’s now on his own in a foreign country. He wanders the street till he finds the wilderness and heads off on his own into the woods.
After a few days of being lost in the woods, with not much shelter from the rain, Logan happens upon a lone cabin. Can he get shelter from the rain? Can he sleep there for the night? He knocks at the door and is greeted by straight loner Michael (Vinnie D’Angelo) wearing nothing but a towel. “Do you have a shed or something?” “No I don’t have a shed.” Vinnie, feeling sorry for the cold wet man, invites him in. Vinnie offers him a warm shower. Logan accepts his offer. Vinnie soon discovers Logan’s intricate tattoos when he accidentally opens the bathroom door. After the shower Logan is too tired to keep his eyes open and takes a spot on the floor.
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