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One futa girls can't keep her hands off the massive cock of the other, and years of separation have lead lusts to heat to boiling point. Blowjobs, handjobs, selfsucking and good old proper fucking, there's something here for everyone!
Mikhaila Tatarinova was adopted by an American family and became Kayla McKinnon. Yelena Tatarinova, the elder, stayed behind in native Russia. When the younger blonde returns to her country of birth to catch up with the raven-haired beauty, neither one can keep her hands off the other.
On a tour through the new museum being built by company, Yelena remembers well the gift that hides between her legs, and Kayla hasn't gotten laid for days. It's glam girls and high heels, with throbbing cocks and big rounds tits popping out of tight minidresses. It's the first part of a longer series, and a dickgirl dream come true!
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