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Release Year: 2011
Studio: Falcon
"Falcon Studios returns to the top with The Other Side of Aspen VI. With each installment of the Aspen series, Falcon shows off the hottest of its current collection of world-class stars and sexy newcomers, and Aspen VI is no exception - it gives a new definition to snow plowing by bringing scene after scene of hot play in the cold winter landscape.
Aspen is known for its majestic, snow-topped mountains and beautiful pristine landscapes, where the rich and famous escape to a cold winter wonderland. The Other Side of Aspen is sometimes hidden. It's where majestic cocks and pristine bubble-butts meet to heat up the chilly weather and give you an up-close-and-intimate view of what happens when eleven of porn's hottest studs meet in the mountains.
Landon Conrad is asked by his sexy friends to watch over their Aspen house while they take a trip to Mexico to avoid the snow. Landon agrees, and with a spacious Aspen getaway all to himself he decides to invite all his buddies over for a sex party. Filmed entirely on location, the two-hour and forty-six minute movie features a huge ten-man orgy, nine long scenes, lots of big dicks and hours of quality fucking.
This two disc set features a full documentary on the history of the Aspen series, including legendary directors Steven Scarborough and John Rutherford offering interesting insights into the history of Falcon. You also get three bonus all-oral scenes - instead of the usual solos - complete with six more cum shots. As an additional bonus Falcon went back thru the first five Aspen movies and selected the best scene from each movie and included it in full on the bonus disc. Altogether there are dozens of men, seventeen scenes and hours of viewing pleasure. The Other Side of Aspen VI is the gay porn event of the year."
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