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Release Year: 2018
Cast: Tiffany Tatum
Genres: Hardcore, Babes, Blowjob, POV, All sex, Virtual Reality, VR
Tiffany Tatum isn't about to wait around for you. This blonde hottie makes her way onto the stage and demands your attention. Sure, you could try to stop her from getting into your pants, but it's really no use. This gorgeous woman knows what she wants and she's not afraid to reach out and grab it. Tiffany isn't here to play games today - she'll get the pleasure that she came looking for. Forty seconds! That's all she needs before her hands are on your lap, fighting their way to your cock so she can wrap her lips around it. Well, maybe you could have fought back a little harder, but what would that be, right?
Format: mp4
Duration: 28:02
Video: 1920x960, AVC (H.264), 14580kbps
Audio: 309kbps

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