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Let us introduce you to tight Filipina pussy, Aubree Ice! A spectacular treat from our guy Charlie, who yet again doesn’t disappoint! Yet another day and in need of another Filipina to shoot for his upcoming “documentary”, he hit the streets. As luck would have it, it didn’t take long to come across our newest find!Completely distraught and sitting at a bus stop, Charlie made his move! Within moments a conversation was struck up and he found out she was going to be late for work and lost her phone. Left with only one option…the bus, which would have caused her to be late. So, Chuck being the gentleman that he is, offered her a ride downtown to get to work…on one condition though; To go back to his studio first and help him with some new footage for that Filipina documentary of his. Instantly ecstatic that her morning just turned around, and she was going to get to work on time, she enthusiastically agreed! Little did this spunky, 18 year old gem know though, she was on the verge of becoming a Trike Patrol star!
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