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I've always enjoyed watching a guy get face-fucked - especially if he starts to gag - and that's the main reason why I started producing these movies. I get off telling a guy, "Uh...sorry're not done yet...put the cock back in your throat." The gurgling and gagging continues...and the sadist in me smiles...
Will West (pictured to the left, drowning in his own mucus) got his throat pummeled in just about every possible position. By the end of the scene, his face was plastered with so much spit, mucus, and cum, he looked like a glazed donut. It's actually beautiful to watch - in a grotesque kind of way.
"And everyone thinks I'm a top!" - Will West
It's good to see a young man who's eager to work...
Cute little Ian told me that he was willing to do almost anything to be in my movie. "Anything?", I asked. "Oh yeah - anything!", said Ian. "Okay Ian, how about if you hang your head upside down and let my friend throat-fuck you while I shove my camcorder in your face?" As you can see from the picture, he was happy to oblige. I loved watching him gasp for air while my friend's cock hammered his tonsils. Ian also treated us to some nice belching noises from time to time. A real class act.
"Does my breath smell like cum?" - Ian Winker
Diego would probably best be categorized as a pig-whore. I told him not to eat anything before the shoot, but do pigs ever listen? Of course not. They're too busy oinking and thinking about their next cock. Not only did we get to see what Diego had for lunch, we also got to see part of his dessert - green Mexican candy that he ate right before the shoot. I felt like I was watching a bad sequel to the movie Alien. But as soon as he wiped his mouth, his head was back down on that cock - pronto! Atta boy, Diego! ¿Quieres más verga?
"No hablo inglés." - Diego Santana
prove it. I found Joe online. Basically, he goes from city to city and lets guys use his mouth and ass. Joe flew to Palm Springs just to let me borrow his throat for my little movie. He didn't gag as much as I would have liked, but oh well - I still enjoyed shooting him - he was such an obedient cocksucker. I'm not surprised, though - I told him that if he was good, I'd give him a little bag of peanuts to take home.
If you see Joe on your next flight, don't be shy - I hear he gives free blow jobs in the lavatory when he's not pushing a drink cart down the aisle.
"This sure beats cleaning airplane toilets for a living." - Joe Bailey
Randy wasted no time responding to my ad. He was either really horny or just desperate for a few extra bucks - probably the latter. Anyway, not only was he willing to drive 2 hours to suck cock for me and my camera, he even found someone to fuck his face for me. What a good whore. Randy gagged more than anyone in the entire movie - definitely something he can be proud of 20 years from now. But you might want to turn down the volume on your TV when you watch this one. He's not exactly a quiet cocksucker. In fact, when he gags, he sort of sounds like he's got a hairball stuck in his throat. If your neighbors hear this video playing in your apartment, they might think you're trying to strangle a cat.
"I feel really humiliated. Fuckin' hot." - Randy Summers
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