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Cast: Vanessa Cage
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Vanessa Cages stepson has been having some issues recently. The guy may just be going through a phase, but something is really stuck in his craw. His man can barely talk to him anymore, and he is always in a bad mood. Vanessa hates to see her man or her stepson upset. The blonde MILF sweetheart will do anything to make them happy. So, she offers to give the young guy a talking to. Maybe a few words from his loving stepmom will do the trick. She makes her way into his bedroom and sits down with the brooding guy, hoping to pierce through his fragile psyche. Maybe if she says just the right things, he will be able to bounce back from this rough patch in his life. She probes him to find out what has been going on, and he reveals that he just has not had any luck with girls recently. He thinks he needs an older woman, which piques Vanessas interest.
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