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Release Year: 2017
Hello! My name is Marvel. I have long wanted to develop a game for adults
And now 2 months I have been actively engaged in this. I suggest you take a look at the result.)
"View of family" is a pov, RPG game for adults. You will take on the role of an ordinary 21-year-old guy who lives a normal life and works as a tutor. After the departure of his man, he, for the time being, assumed the role of head of the family. But the noble desire to spend more time with the family grew into something more ...
From erotic content only masturbation, handjob and blowjob!
Genre: Alpha, 3D models, Renpy, sis, boy
Censorship: None
Version: Ver 0.0.2
Developer: patreon
Platform: PC
Language: English

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