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A 22-year-old pretty-boy in a crop-top and tight running shorts is snatched off the street. Today hes gut-punched. Tomorrow hell be fucked. Cocky little shit deserves it. Ill suck your dick! You can fuck me! Vinny says, but Felix has other plans for this boys cock and ass – involving a whip and a pinwheel. Fucking and sucking will come soon enough.
Felix leaves his pretty boy chained alone in the dungeon for hours, nasty pins digging into his cock and balls, then tortures him with the pinwheel and s him to suck cock, he is strapped naked to an X-cross and whipped on his abs, nipples, cock and the soles of his feet, first with a riding crop then a flogger, and is sliced brutally with the single-tail whip, then pumps out a huge load of cum all over his abs, then is fucked with a hard, rubber dildo.
The young jock is bolted to a wall naked, his muscles cramping. Hes ordered to jerk off or be whipped. Despite the pain and humiliation, he pumps out a huge load of cum, but hes still whipped — even harder than before, and is continuously flogged, on his chest and abs, then his back and ass. When his tormentors arms tire, hes fucked with the steel end of the flogger, flogged bolted against a concrete wall, then hes placed in an iron triangle and his cock and balls are covered with biting pins.
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