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Just when Anthony doesn’t think he can take anymore, Aiden takes things to the next level. Instead just dripping a little wax on his boy from one candle, he pours streams of burning hot wax from two candles at once, making Anthony scream and struggle violently against his bonds. “Please!” Anthony begs, face-down on the fuck-bench, trying to catch his breath while his lean, smooth back is burned. “Please what? You want more!?” Master Aiden teases, returning with two more burning candles, adding more and more layers of wax to Anthony’s back and even, at one point, pulling Anthony’s hair to make him scream even louder. Once he has Anthony’s entire back and ass coated in wax, he asks his slave, still whimpering as the wax cools, if he wants it removed. “You want me to take this all off of you?” Master Aiden asks. “Yes!” Anthony quickly replies, having no idea that he has just asked for even more torture. Then Aiden fetches his nasty leather flogger. “No!” Anthony screams, now knowing that the wax will be literally whipped from his body. The flogger smacks violently against his skin, tearing off small chunks of dried wax with each blow. It’s the most painful thing Anthony has ever experienced — and the look on his face proves it.
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