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Anthony’s cries aren’t slowing down Master Aiden a bit. He smacks Anthony repeatedly with the flogger until the tight, little ass pointing up at him from the fuck bench turns red. Poor Anthony is so exhausted he can hardly hold his head up, but Master Aiden isn’t finished yet. Turned on by his slave boy’s cries, he strips down to his boxers and continues to smack Anthony’s back and ass with the flogger. In between smacks, he tortures the boy psychologically, caressing him with flogger before suddenly whipping him. Now it’s time for Master Aiden to get off. He tosses Anthony into a metal cage, strips completely nude, then grabs Anthony’s hair and face-fucks him, making his cock deep down his slave-boy’s throat as Anthony struggles to take it all. It isn’t long before Master Aiden climaxes, shooting a nice load of cum all over Anthony’s face and then making him to deep-throat his dick clean. Anthony is sure he’ll be freed now, but Master Aiden walks off without a care in the world, leaving his cum-soaked slave all alone in his cage.
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