You love the classics. I like it. Classical works of Mozart, Bach and other creators. But what about porn content from the 90s? I am not kidding. Image Fap is a porn resource that provides access to a gallery of porn photos. No video, only hardcore. It reminds me of a time when a community could jerk using only a magazine. These were brutal times. Image Fap has an ascetic design. Nothing else matters. Everything is as simple as possible.


What the hell is 1995?

The site can be discouraged by its simplicity. Another point is the profile pages on the main page. A web resource motivates users to share their content and share interests. It sounds strange, but perhaps the creators of the site know more than we do. Diversity lovers can find many categories on the main page. There are even exotic sections like ScreenCap porn.

Category management is very simple. You can easily find the necessary images among the millions of options. The design and interface are aimed at minimizing the efforts to find porn pictures. The mobile version of Image Fap is even simpler and has a search section at the top of the start page.

Damn where do i start

So, we proceed to the main part. Millions of pictures are posted here for those who cannot imagine their life without fapping. You can search for the required images in the relevant sections, or enter the required request in the address bar. I wanted to find pictures with the name of the frog and was not disappointed. It's full of all kinds of crazy bullshit. The search query issued a lot of pictures from animated porn movies and other strange things. But I liked it.

You can also view a huge number of GIF-files. Just type the word “animated” after the main part of the request. I assure you will not be disappointed. The search engine correctly processes requests. All your searches will not be in vain. There is also a small section with a video, but all the files are mixed. Video search does not work very well, so it’s better to find another place for a handjob on a video.

The search function by users is interesting and strange at the same time. For example, you like chicks with a big head. You find this photo from the user. It is likely that he has a whole gallery of this bitch. This is a great way to find any weird shit that promotes your erection. Image Fap has many communities called “Clubs”. These are thematic communities where various interesting things are placed. Truly’s favorite.

The forum section is not as popular, but may be useful. Looking for photos of naked Siamese twins or other strange things? Then ask other users. I am sure that you will be answered.

What I love is simple and convenient. This is a classic web resource with tons of porn pictures. Here you can find any weird shit. Just enter the corresponding query in the address bar. There are also themed clubs that allow you to find private photos and exclusive content. Jerk off and enjoy the moment friends!

What i hate

There are no frankly bad moments. The site is simple and easy to use. Promotional messages appear infrequently. This is not annoying. There is no rating system and sorting by the most popular pictures. That's all the guys. Yes. The site has no critical flaws. Everything is quite convenient and interesting. Video gallery needs reworking. There is even a separate message about this moment on the site.


Image Fap can give you a lot of nostalgic moments. This is one of the best sites for exclusive photo content. Jerk off and look at exotic bitches. Sometimes people write invalid search queries like imgfap and imagefab. Use this site as an excellent platform for handjob. I am sure you will not regret.