If you like dirty stories online and cannot spend a day without literary porn, then Literotica is what you need. This is a real dinosaur in the world of literary porn. Here are hundreds of thousands of stories, stories, poems and other text content for masturbation. A huge role in the popularity of the Internet resource is played by its active users. They regularly add new content.


Beginning of the era of literary porn

The first shoots of Internet pornography sprouted in the 90s with the advent of Usenet forums. Gosh, have you ever downloaded a 30 minute picture? I downloaded and did this shit repeatedly. This shit needs patience. Literary porn stories were popular because text information loads much faster than images. In those years, it became a real alternative. If you have a good imagination, then you do not even need a video to jerk off. Literotica appeared in 1998 and became the dominant erotic site. The Internet resource is created to encourage creativity of people. Many users can upload their story to get positive feedback.

Site components

The graphical interface of the site has remained unchanged since 1998. Simple and ascetic design is convenient enough for users. On the main page there are many categories and sections. This allows you to quickly search for the most interesting topics. Further, users can find links to various resources and the ability to submit their own material.

Literotica also provides a number of offers for the purchase of various goods and services. This is necessary in order to maintain the payback of the website. 50 million views per month is no joke. You can buy yourself a dildo or other crap. It is not necessary to use it for its intended purpose. Just support the creators of the site if you want. The site contains more than 50 categories. You can also read erotic news. Users can familiarize themselves with sections Erotica Audio and Erotic Images.

Best stories

There are great categories here, like Top Lists, Story Series, and the Author Index. Start exploring the world of literary porn from here. There is also light erotica, lesbian stories, anal sex, mature women, gay porn and any shit you can imagine. On the site you can find and hard BDSM, Incest and Taboo stories. You can count on 24 thousand of the best text stories. Truly’s favorite.

There is also a fantastic theme like Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Many sections are quite unusual. But this is not hentai porn, where you have a lot of weird shit. It should be noted that the site is dominated by a female audience. This allows you to set a peculiar tone of all content.

A distinctive feature of the site is meeting subscribers in real life (Litogethers). This is a great opportunity to have sex with someone who has the same interests as you. But there is a place for male content. Do not worry that the site is full of #metoo porn. There are many interracial stories here, and a bunch of taboo topics.

Let's start a detailed review.

There are many lustful stories relating to family incest. There are also many sex stories on taboo topics. In random stories, you can find a new story in an arbitrary way. Hell, they even have an incest hall of fame! You guys are just crazy. The number of sex stories increases exponentially.

Share your dirty fantasies

All authors can upload their masterpieces to the site. There are only two basic rules. Do not use the theme of pedophilia and bestiality. The rest is no limit. Create your own incredible stories and publish them for everyone to see. Creative people are in demand here. Start writing right now to get into the reading hall of fame. Surprisingly, there are no frankly shit stories here.

Poems and Pictures

Yes! Poems are also popular here. I find it hard to imagine a guy who jerks on a poem. But this is not my problem. Some poems are quite original. You can see for yourself. Also here there is some semblance of porn comics and erotic images. A variety of content allows you to choose the most suitable option for the masturbation. In general, this is a good site. If you are excited by prose or quatrain, then Literotica (sometimes “litrotica”, “lirotica”, “literotca” and “literatica”) is exactly what you have been looking for.