Pornographic Materials

This part works for all parts of the website including the XXX section and closed adult groups. The following types of pornographic materials are not welcome on

  • Child pornography;
  • All types of zoophilia;
  • Any materials that involve real sadism, masochism, torture and violence;
  • Real rape and forced sex;
  • Coprophilia;
  • Incest that isn’t marked in the description and/or title as roleplay;
  • Any type of pornography that may provoke violence, conflicts or hatred.

Uploading, adding or leaving links to such content will be punished with an IP ban without any warning!


  • Openly placing any kind of pornographic pictures on any part of the website is forbidden!
  • If you upload pornographic content you have to be very careful with description. If you want the torrent to stay on make sure that our Mods will not get a false impression (especially if the content happens to be on some kind of borderline). Please specify the studio or website that released the content and all related info like i.e. year. An additional screenshot/picture preview list is a must. It is not allowed to openly post pornographic images in the description, so please post them on any picture hosting and just make sure that it stays there for a long time period. Any suspicious torrent without a screenshot/picture preview list will be removed. If the screenshot/picture preview list turns out to be fake and the torrent violating the rules - your profile will be deleted and IP banned without any warning.